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Tyranid, Spore / Alien Xenos Ruins

Monty's Tabletop Terrain

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Tyranid, Spore / Alien Xenos Ruins


"Tulipa, The Infested World". Tyranid, Spore / Alien Xenos Ruins Sci-fi theme Inspiration for your favourite Science Fiction or Fantasy wargames Like Warhammer, Warhammer 40000 Etc
Perfect for any Tyranid armys as will make them feel right at home on their way to collecting all that biomass.


2 Story Buildings
Building A (4-part kit) 279mm L x 158mm W x 180mm H
Building B (4-part kit) 266mm L x 155mm W x 180mm H
3 Story Buildings
Building A (4-part kit) 234mm L x 192mm W x 260mm H
Building B (4-part kit) 256mm L x 177mm W x 260mm H
Bio Terrain
Bio 1 Chimney 177mm L x 163mm W x 200mm H
Bio 2 Kakerlak 136mm L x 117mm W x 220mm H
Bio 3 Spore 188mm L x 125mm W x 242mm H
Bio 4 Spike 90mm L x 55mm W 200mm H
Bio 5 Vent 51mm L x 70mm W x 160mm H
Bio 6 Vent Chimney 132mm L x 148mm W x 156mm H
SporeVent 1 - 112mm L x 74mm W x 215mm H
SporeVent 2 - 171mm L x 164mm W x 216mm H
Ground Ruins (Single level)
Ground Ruins 1 - 193mm L x 134mm W x 59mm H
Ground Ruins 2 - 202mm L x 145mm W x 91mm H
Ground Ruins 3 - 168mm L x 142mm W x 52mm H
Ground Ruins 4 - 168mm L x 141mm W x 73mm H
*The Full set is a total of 16 items once the multi part buildings are built.
Some items are multi part Kits , some assembly required, we recommend to joi using rare earth magnets and not gluing that way they can be disassembled for easier storage when not in use.
These items are made to suit 28/32mm
This item is printed in Grey PLA with 10% infill.
All items are printed at .16mm (160 Microns) to get a better smoother finish and higher quality print.
All our 3d printed items are printed using only highest quality PLA Pro filaments to ensure the best possible results.
Please note: This is a 3D printed item and as a result, small surface imperfections and layer lines may be noticeable from up close. For the best results post processing methods such as sanding can be used. Primer is recommended although not necessary before painting.
Monty’s Tabletop Terrain is officially licensed reseller for Sacrusmundus Designs
Handling Time
Depending on the size of the order, please allow 2-5 business days for items to be made & shipped.
For the larger buildings please allow up to 15 days for processing
Please note as the full set is a large amount of items, please allow up to 30 days processing
***Models not included only used for size reference***