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Monty's Tabletop Terrain

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Add that authentic touch with these stunning sandworms!  Absolutely perfect for all Tabletop Games including Warhammer 40000 and AOS and many others!
The sandworm was a native life-form of the planet Arrakis. It lived in the vast deserts and sand dunes that stretched across the surface of the planet. Most importantly, sandworms are an essential factor in the creation of the Spice Melange.
Sandworms lived beneath the sand. Attracted to rhythmic vibrations on the surface, they would breach in pursuit of the origin of such vibrations. This was an effort to defend their territory, of which they were highly protective. Thus to see a worm, and live to tell about it, was extremely rare

Sandworm 1
115mm Long x 148mm Wide x 160mm High
Sandworm 2
108mm Long x 139mm Wide x 82mm High
Sandworm 3
144mm Long x 76mm Wide x 51mm High
Sandworm 4
141mm Long x 80mm Wide x 53mm High
Sandworm 5
185mm Long x 79mm Wide x 52mm High
Sandworm 6
131mmn Long x 142mm Wide x 136mm High
Sandworm 7
140mm Long x 88mm Wide x 37mm High
These items are made to suit 28/32mm tabletop games.
These item is printed in Grey/silver PLA Pro with 10% infill.
All items are printed at .16mm (160 Microns) to get a better smoother finish and higher quality print.
All our 3d printed items are printed using only highest quality PLA Pro filaments to ensure the best possible results.
Please note: This is a 3D printed item and as a result, small surface imperfections and layer lines may be noticeable from up close. For the best results post processing methods such as sanding can be used. Primer is recommended although not necessary before painting.
Monty’s Tabletop Terrain is officially licensed to sell Battle Builder Tech by Txarli Factory
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***Models not included only used for size reference***