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Necrontyr Pathway & Bridge Set

Monty's Tabletop Terrain

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Necrontyr Pathway & Bridge Set



A set of Necron-inspired pathways and bridge sections.



Most of these pathway sections are 120mm in length, and 100mm to 120mm in width. The set comprises of straight sections, T-junctions, columns (2 patterns)  and bridge supports. The columns can also be reversed as you prefer, making for quite a few construction options.


This set includes

5x Straight Sections

3x Large Stairs

3x Small Stairs

6x Step Top Section

4x Curved Columns

10x 7 Columns (they look like the number 7)

7x Bridge Supports (total of 14)

7x Bridge Beams (for joining bridge supports)

14x Pathway Clips

2x Pathway Ends

20x Joining Clips (if you don’t want to use  these  you can  use rare  earth magnets)



Also included are path sections designed to fit neatly into the Necrontyr Pyramid doorway (for both door sections and step sections), and a gently sloped 'end' section featuring the Necrontyr symbol, which will blend the pathway with the board surface.


All pathway sections feature slots on the underside for clips (included) to join them together, but you can also fit 5~6mm diameter rare earth magnets for extra convenience.


 Corner Sections and x-junctions are also available please contact for costs 


The regular step section drops the walkway bridges down from their 82mm surface height to ground level, but there is also a smaller step section designed to be used with the 50mm height Necrontyr Modular Hill Set. Please see pictures for examples.


* Necron warrior model not included.


Miniatures shown for scale demonstration only. No miniatures are included with this item!


Supplied as a Kit, unpainted and unfinished.


Supplied in a neutral grey colour, the terrain can be used immediately as supplied or painted with any standard acrylic paint – If other colours are required please message first to confirm if available and if any extra cost will be incurred.


All items are printed in Queensland using high quality PLA filament


Please note: This is a 3D printed item and as a result, small surface imperfections and layer lines may be noticeable from up close. For the best results post processing methods such as sanding can be used. Primer is recommended although not necessary before painting.


Monty’s Tabletop Terrain is officially licensed reseller for 3D AlienWorlds



***Models not included only used for size reference***


Handling Time


Depending on the size of the order, please allow 2-5 business days for items to be made & shipped.


For larger multipart items please allow up to 10 to 12 days for items to be printed and shipped