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Earth Master 32mm - White Werewolf Tavern D&D, Pathfinder, Warhammer Tabletop Minis

Monty's Tabletop Terrain

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Earth Master 32mm

Greetings Friends!


Winter is raging outside our tavern, but inside it’s warm and cozy and the hearth is blazing. Come, take a seat, warm yourself up for we have a legend as old as time to share with you!


Long before time existed, in the midst of the feud of chaos and order the 4 core elements were created: Fire, Water, Earth and Wind. These 4 elements combined to create the material world in which we live in and over time, as elves, dwarves and humans came to be they all tried to master these elements. After centuries and countless attempts, 4 of the most powerful mages finally managed to master them.


No one has seen the Elemental Masters for thousands of years and there isn’t even an elf alive that recalls them, but rumour has it that they still roam the lands and if they unite, they have the power to defeat the primal forces themselves. So let’s have a look then at the masters of - The 4 Elements!

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These models may be hollowed and may require minor filling work for the drain holes
When printed your model is cleaned of supports, washed, and then cured. The curing process itself may cause slight variations in larger pieces in how they line up and some small gaps may require touching up, as will heat exposure
Please note: This is a 3D printed item and as a result, small surface imperfections and layer lines may be noticeable from up close. For the best results post processing methods such as sanding can be used. Primer is recommended before painting.
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